Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iron Man Legacy #1 - Marvel

I wasn't actually planning on buying this series, but . . I found this variant cover on line for 99 cents, so . . I picked it up. But . . I may regret that decision. I thought that this was going to be a mini-series, but . . it looks like it's Iron Man's second on-going series. Oh well. I'll give it a shot. This issue starts out with a disaster happening across the ocean in Transia. It appears that someone has gathered up some Stark technology, and has gone into that country to kill it's soldiers and able bodied men. Tony is appalled because he'd given up making the weapons that his father used to originally build this company. But now, someone has scraped up enough to make it looks like some earlier version Iron Mans are causing terrorism in a sovereign nation. The real problem is . . Tony's hands are kind of tied. The United States and the UN won't get involved because of how other countries in their alliance would look at it. Tony can't get directly involved because he has no diplomatic standing. And Iron Man is the face of Stark Industries. If things went 'south', it wouldn't be good for the company. Besides, as Rhodey comments, 'You may be able to start something, Tone. Hell, knowing you, you may even be able to end it. But take it from me, what you won't be able to do . . is control it. So you gotta ask yourself: Can I live with the unintended consequences?' Tony understands the logic, but he just can't sit around doing nothing. He's just not built that way. So he goes over in what kind of looks like Hulk-buster armor and lets them know that he's here to help. Whether they want it or not. But it appears that this whole thing has been manipulated by one man. And by acting, Tony is playing right into his hands . . Doctor Doom. I thought Fred Van Lente did a decent job with the story. When it started out, I thought it was going one way. But then it completely changed courses with the events in Transia. However I hope Fred follows up what he started in the beginning of this issue. It was kind of a unique perspective. I liked Steve Kurth's art, also. I've really enjoyed the Invincible series, so . . hopefully this one will turn out to be just as good a read.

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