Friday, April 30, 2010

New Avengers #64 - Marvel

Really . . in my opinion, this whole book is a waste of time. Well . . there are a couple of important things, but . . for the most part you've seen the majority of this story in the other books involved with Siege. When Asgard collapsed onto the Oklahoma landscape, we ended last issue wondering about the fate of Bobbi and Whitney. Both looked like they may have been killed in the catastrophe. But we find out this issue that they're both alive and well . . and relatively unscathed. But that's not a huge surprise. I thought the biggest news was when Loki took back the Rune Stones from the Hood, without notice or warning, leaving Parker Robbins completely powerless. But, in Loki's defense, he is fighting the Sentry and he'll need all the power he can get. And, I think, in the grand scheme of things the Hood actually got a break. Since he became powerless, and no longer a threat to either side, he basically becomes invisible to anyone's notice. He and Whitney make their way out of the destruction, grab a Humvee, and head to a motel. He's obviously distraught about his diminished capacity, but . . Whitney has a plan. Unfortunately . . this is the final issue of this series, so . . we won't know what her plan is until we figure out just exactly where these characters are going to land. And with all the Avengers and Avengers related titles coming out next month . . your guess is as good as mine. Brian Bendis wrote this, with Mike McKone doing the art. I just feel that we're getting to the part of this story where there's a lot of superfluous stuff coming out . . a lot of overlapping, and retelling of events from a different perspective. I was disappointed in this issue, but . . had I known what was going to happen . . I probably still would've bought it since it's the final one. I guess I'm just a sucker that way.

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