Sunday, April 11, 2010

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2 - DC

First of all . . this is a fantastic cover by George Perez. I much prefer it over the $10 variant by Julian Lopez. I also enjoyed the interior art by Pete Woods and Travis Moore. I think Travis' influence to Pete's work was good. I like Pete's stuff, but . . it just seems kind of . . 'vanilla' some times. You know what I mean? Anyways, Brainy has finally made it back to the past, from the future, to help out his Espionage Squad. Also he needed to let them know just how dire the consequences in the future have become. Now, not only do they have to save all the bottled cities aboard Brainiac's ship, but . . they also have to stop him from killing Superman. Although, Brainy doesn't do much this issue other than help them get through Brainiac's force-field and on to his ship. Originally Tellus had hoped that if he came into contact with the people in the bottled city of Lanoth that he'd be able to link into their innate telepathic powers and force the Kryptonians to put aside thier ideas of caste separation, and guilds, and fight together as a race determined to save their planet. But . . Brainiac appears to have put some kind of barrier in place to prevent that, and . . the Kryptonians are just to full of rage and anger right now to be influenced in such a manner. But it may all be moot anyways. Superman has already taken the bottled city, and it's Lanothian residents, but . . Brainiac has hidden all the rest of them. And with a ship this size they may not have the time to find them all. Plus . . Brainiac has decided to add Kandor back into his collection and has already started the process. The issue ends with Brainiac taking the bottled city aboard his ship and adding it to his collection. However, it appears that Zod may have anticipated just such an event. As Brainiac takes hold of the bottled city, we see Zod looking up at his giant jailers, and all he say is . . 'He's lost!' This story will continue next week in Adventure Comics #10. I think Sterling Gates and James Robinson are doing a fantastic job here. And I really like the way that the rest of the Superman team are connecting these stories through the menagerie of the Superman books. Overall I thought it was a very enjoyable book. Plus Lex and Brainiac are the team supreme. They're the perfect adversaries for Superman. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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