Sunday, April 11, 2010

Batman and Robin #11 - DC

This is another fantastic issue by Grant Morrison and Andy Clarke. While I miss Frank Quitely's art . . he is doing a cover every issue . . I think that Andy's crisp clean style is the perfect contrast to Grant's dark, moody stories. I have to say . . I really like the feel of the book right now. A few things are happening this issue . . including the hunt for Bruce Wayne, but . . I really think the important part of this story revolves around Damian. Remember last issue when he appeared to attack Dick for no reason. Even he was surprised by it. At the time he'd assumed that Talia had implanted some kind of suggestions, or programming, when she had him in for repairs. Remember, he got a new spine installed? Anyways, this issue we find out it's so much more devious than that. It appears that through his new spine, she's able to take over control of all of his motor functions and operate him like a video game. However, that's not even the real problem. The real problem is that she appears to be working with Slade Wilson, and after she gives her son a test ride . . there's so many things that could be read into that statement, but I'm going to take the high ground . . after she makes sure that the equipment is working properly and able to be controlled . . she gives those controls over to Slade. The issue ends with Damian, under Slade's control, getting ready to attack Dick as he finally makes it out of the cavern that he's found under Wayne manor, and is coming up in the Death Garden. Anyways, also this issue, Dick and Alfred are exploring this new underground cavern that they've found. In it Dick finds a stalagmite sculpted in the form of a man-bat type of creature. They think it's Barbatos. A devil-bat of the Miagani tribe that Thomas Wayne was involved with in 1765. Which is somehow connected to the people that are attacking Damian and Oberon Sexton in the family cemetery. Somehow this all seems to revolve around the Death Garden on those grounds. And Damian also notices something odd about Oberon. His accent is fake. So he starts to question who he really is. At one point he even asks . . 'Are you Bruce Wayne?' Anyways, somehow these guys are all connected to the killer that Oberon has been chasing. But his only clue is a domino. I'm really enjoying the story that Grant is weaving here. He's taken this rather simple hunt for Bruce Wayne and turned it into this many faceted story that I think is going to keep up guessing right up until the end. This was a very entertaining and exciting issue. I can't wait for more.

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