Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ultimate Comics Enemy #3 - Marvel

First of all . . fantastic cover by Ed McGuinness. Spider-man, Nick Fury and Carol Danvers never looked more menacing. Speaking of which . . I really like Carol's role in the Ultimate Universe. She's just as much a hard-ass as Nick . . if not more. I love her personality and conviction. Anyways, Carol is still trying to piece together why all these attacks are happening . . and how Roxxon is connected to all of this. So to are the people that are being attacked . . Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Nick Fury and Spider-man and company. Remember . . Ultimate Spider-man is a team book right now. With Sue's powers, they end up capturing the being that seems to be causing all the trouble. But not before he tries to attack Spider-man in his home in Queens. But they may have a more pressing problem within their own ranks. Ben was one of the first to try to jump on this guy, and in the process took the full force of one of his blasts. He seemed to be okay, but . . now something seems to be happening with his rocky hide. It's almost like the guy turned Ben into his own 'dirty-bomb'. There seems to be some kind of energy build-up, under the epidermis. And then everything blows off him at the same time. Ben's worried about the people around him, but . . I'm sure it's not any great joy for him either. This is another great story by Brian Bendis. I can't wait to see what it's all about, but . . I'd bet it's about getting the Fantastic Four back together. Right now they think that Reed's dead, but . . we'll see. Maybe it'll be the Fantastic Four with a different member. I don't know if that's the case . . I'm just guessing. And if it is about the FF, what do Roxxon and Nick Fury have to do with the whole thing? Hopefully we'll get the answers next issue. By the way . . great art by Rafa Sandoval. The whole issue was a great piece of work.

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