Sunday, April 11, 2010

the Warlord #13 - DC

Well . . this is the first issue in the adventures of the new Warlord . . Travis' son, Tinder. Well . . that's the name he took before he knew who he was. He was named . . Joshua. And he assumes the mantel just as everything is about to change in Skartaris. A meteor approaches Earth and everyone in the tracking station is ready for a serious impact at the north pole. But then . . nothing. Apparently it shot right through the hole into Skartaris. But there . . it has a devastating effect. Including a new monster that has appeared in the outer lands. So far we're unclear on it's origins. I'm not sure if it was a passenger on the meteor, or . . maybe it was buried and the impact released it. Either way it's now causing panic and mayhem in the outer lands, and apparently is being appeased by offering it human sacrifices. Warlord and company arrive just in time to stop another sacrifice, but . . that appears to be the least of their problems. The monster is loose. And it's pissed. But because of the devastating ray coming out of it's forehead, we don't really get a good look at it. For that . . I guess we'll have to wait until next issue. I enjoy Mike Grell's stories. I think he's a fantastic writer. That's why I also buy John Sable, and recently picked up the Pilgrim. But unfortunately he doesn't draw this issue. I only say that because I love his art as well. But if he can only do one or the other, I'd much prefer he stay on with the scripting of this series. His vision for this character is so inspired that I don't think that anyone else could fill his shoes. At least not on this book. Anyways, Chad Hardin does the art for this issue, and . . it's ok. Some parts were better than others, but . . overall I thought it had a good feel to it. This has long been one of my favorite series, and I'm just glad that it's been opened up to a whole new audience. Hopefully they'll respond in kind.

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