Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gen13 #35 - WildStorm

This was an interesting book . . with some of the Gen13 members now aboard the Carrier, the team has become kind of a hodgepodge with Gen13 and Gen14 members. So right now the team includes Fairchild, Burnout, Ditto, Runt, Hardbody and Windsprint. Ok . . there's more Gen14 character than Gen13, but . . I think it's still an interesting mix. We're also introduced to a new character this issue . . Pathcutter. We don't really know to much about him, other than his name, but . . I'm sure as this story unravels we'll be learning more. Basically, our team is on a trek across the wasteland right now. They might still be heading back towards Tranquility. I'm not sure. Anyways, they come across a wagon-train of sorts. They end up protecting them from this biker-gang that's been harassing them, but really . . all they want is some supplies. Pathcutter seems to be the leader of the caravan, and they're on their way to Pocatello. It's some small city in Idaho that seems to be relatively unscathed from the disasters. But before they get there they have to travel through the territory of some kind of robot-cyborg group. So Pathcutter hires our band of misfits as security. More like cannon-fodder if you ask me. He can send one group in to distract the cyborgs, while his group does an end-around. I'm not sure if he's that devious, but . . I guess we'll find out next issue as we seem to be in the thick of things by the end of this one. The thing I've always liked about this book . . and these characters, is that even when things are down . . they aren't all 'doom & gloom'. That's not necessarily true of the last year or so, but . . besides that time, this group usually stays upbeat. Or at the very least they use their sarcastic humor and wit to distract them from the realities of the world. Phil Hester seems to be getting us back towards that groove. So, to me . . this book has definitely made a positive turn. Even though the world they live in really hasn't. I'm also enjoying Cruddie Torian's art. In my book J Scott Campbell with always be the defining artist of this title, but . . I've long since given up hope that he'll ever, ever be back on this book. Cruddie is not a bad substitute. He's got a little bit of the same feel. I can definitely see some influence there. So, overall . . I enjoyed the book. I'd have to say that this is one of my top 5 books, as far as 'most potential', right now.

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