Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ultimate Avengers #6 - Marvel

This issue wraps up the first story-arc of the Ultimate Avengers. It appears that in the Ultimate Universe, the Avengers are one of SHIELD's black-ops teams. They're pulled back together in this story-arc out of necessity. They're being rallied to stop the Red Skull, and to apprehend one of their own who's gone AWOL . . Captain America. But the reason that Cap has gone AWOL is because he's found out that the Skull is actually his son. Anyways, last issue, the Skull broke in to where they were trying to recreate the Cosmic Cube. The Skull wanted to get his hands on it so that he could remake reality. And the Avengers come at him with everything they've got. The team consists of Nick Fury, Hawkeye, War Machine, Nerd-Hulk, Red Wasp and the Black Widow. And all of them have been upgraded for combat by Tony's older brother, Gregory Stark. Anyways, the battle is hard and well fought, but it takes Cap putting an airplane through his son's chest to bring a stop to all of this. He's not happy about it, but . . he had to put him down. On the final pages we learn just how much of a bastard this Nick Fury really is. The Red Skull lies in a hospital bed dying of his injuries. Nick lets him hang on long enough to say goodbye to his mother and father. He finds out the reasons for what he was trying to do, and then he has Red Wasp put a bullet in his head. In his defense, he probably just wanted to make sure that he didn't get out of this somehow. And on the final page, in a conversation between Nick and Gregory, we learn that is was Nick that manipulated all of these events. Nick wanted his job as the leader of the SIELD black-ops team back, so . . he lured the Red Skull out of retirement, and then he 'reopened wounds only he could close'. His rebuttal when Gregory accuses him of this? 'Kind of judgemental for the man who broke Jim Rhodes. I'm getting my old job back, Gregory. Whatever it takes.' And that leaves us open for Ultimate Avengers 2, which I believe will be out next week. I thought that this opening chapter was brilliantly scripted by Mark Millar. I love all the work he's done in the Ultimate Universe so far. And . . he'll be taking on the next chapter also. Carlos Pacheco does the art for this series. I thought he also did a good job. There were a lot of really cool, and original ideas presented in this first chapter. I'm glad Mark is on the second because . . it's going to be hard to top this one. But only he can do it.

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