Sunday, April 25, 2010

X-Factor #204 - Marvel

Oh boy! The crap hits the fan this issue. The members of X-Factor are specifically involved with the whole Second Coming story-line. But . . they are peripherally . . in the sense that they're mutants and Bastion is after them with just as much vigor as he is with the rest of the X-Men. In fact he may be a little more eager with these guys because he's convinced that he can beat them. He sees them as little more than a distraction. Part of the problem also is that the team is a little split up right now. Monet went to South America to find out what had happened to her father. Guido followed her. Mostly out of love. Anyways, her father was taken by Baron Mordo, and really . . it was all a ruse to get her. He's suffering some health issues, so he's not up to full power. However, he can leach off of her, and at least make things manageable. Guido made it to his compound at the end of last issue. He can beat up on bad guys, but he's no match for Mordo's wizardly powers. It looks like Mordo is going to take him down pretty easy until Trask's men show up and they shoot them all down. Meanwhile back in New York, Trask has also set up a trap for the rest of X-Factor. He's sent the Absorbing Man in as a decoy, who hires them to follow his girlfriend, Titania. She leads them off into the woods. It looks like Jamie, Shatterstar and Rictor are in the car. When she gets them to the cabin, Trask's men are waiting and they shoot them all. It looks pretty serious to me, but . . when the Absorbing Man paid for their services Jamie had Shatterstar handle the money. I'm thinking that he wanted Shatterstar to use his cognitive abilities to see where the money had been, or where it was going. They got something going on, but . . I'm not sure what. This issue had one hell of an ending. I can't wait to see what happens next issue. I think Peter David has done a tremendous job with this book. I love his stories, and the way he's handling these characters. Also Valentine DeLandro has made this book his own. I think the guy has definitely improved over the time he's been doing the art on this title. With all the stuff going on in the X-Universe, it's hard for me to say that this is my favorite X-book, but . . it does keeps my interest every month and it's very entertaining. What more could I ask for?

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