Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #47 - DC

Well . . the Corps is trying to put itself back together. As far as the everyday stuff . . the Power Battery, the buildings . . the cosmetic part of the job . . they're almost back to 100%. Hey . . when you put a bunch of guys and gals with rings to work . . they can accomplish stuff pretty fast. Especially when it's just putting stuff back together. But as far as the more empirical things . . the relationships, the trust, the well being of the Corps . . well, that kind of stuff is going to take a little more time. And much more effort on everyone's part . . especially the Guardians. Right now the Guardians are the head of a not very well liked dictatorship. Don't get me wrong, they've made a lot of good decisions, but . . from here on out . . everyone of their bad ones, and actually every decision going forward, is going to be scrutinized and second-guessed. We start out with a good one. The Green Lanterns that didn't make it through the latest crisis have been laid to rest on Mogo. And Mogo, in turn has created a living memoriam to them . . a giant tree. With each of the leaves representing a fallen Lantern. This is also accompanied by an eternal flame. Then, because the crisis is over, and the depletion of their ranks, Lantern Salaak has lifted the moratorium on the redistribution and forging of Power Rings. OA, and the Green Lantern Corps, will shortly receive it's first batch of new recruits. Kyle, who was previously going to scratch his mural, because it had been destroyed in all the carnage, has decided, with Sora's advice and love, to redouble his efforts to complete it because now it represents the history of the Corps and pays homage to the fallen. It's a sort of 'memory wall' if you will. And they both feel that it's something that the new recruits are going to need. Kilowog has decided to step down as Drill Instructor. He's just tired of having to bury so many of his trainee's. And . . he's just tired period. From here on out he'll just be a plain 'ol Green Lantern. But he has chosen his successor . . Lantern Stel. Also, Isomot has helped his buddy Vath recover by giving him his own legs. Since Isomat does possess regenerative powers, he figured it was the least he could do. Plus, Vath would do the same for him. The problem is this . . Isomat is from Rann, while Vath is Thanagarian. I think deep down Isomat appreciates the gesture, but . . he knows that if found out, his own people will cast him out. Even though these 2 have worked through their issues, the Thanagarians are still deeply despised by the Rannians. Also, Guy and Kyle lead the charge on a little Q & A session demanded of the Guardians. They're questioning a lot of the Guardians recent decisions. First of all Arisia is mad about the fate of Sodam Yat. He had to give his life to save the people of Daxam when he used his power to turn their sun yellow. But they find out most of that was Scar's doing. They're also not happy about the Alpha Lanterns. And . . they're demanding the repeal of the third law. You know, the one about relationships between members of the Corps. Kyle makes an impassioned plea, and there's a little debate between the Guardians and Salaak, after the rest of the Lanterns leave. I don't know which was the deciding factor, but . . the Guardians do indeed repeal the law. And finally, Guy and Kyle sit down to figure out how, and why, they're going to put Warriors back together. I thought it was a great 'wrap-up' issue. I think it pretty much covered most of the loose ends. Even though not everything was resolved, we are shown that it's all acknowledged and a work in progress. Peter Tomasi did a great job of keeping everything on track, and organized. And this also leads into his new series, Emerald Warriors, coming out in August. Patrick Gleason's art, as usual, was spot on. He has really become the defining factor of this series and these characters. I think he's done a tremendous job of representing each of these various species and giving them their own unique look and personality. I enjoyed the original Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern Corps Quarterly that followed up the end of the original Green Lantern series. But . . I think this series has taken the concept so much further. With this series, I think these characters are definitely on track towards reaching their full potential. It's a terrific effort by all involved. Thanks!!

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