Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventure Comics #10 / #513 - DC

In the lead story this issue . . everybody seems to be having trouble with Brainiac. At the end of the last chapter, we saw that Superman had been hit with a Red-Sun ray and was hurtling towards New Krypton's surface. Obviously that's not going to happen. But, it was funny when Quislet, who's been jumping in and out of Brainiac's robots, uses one of them to save Superman. Meanwhile, Superboy and the Legion are still on board and they're trying to get to, and save, all the captured bottled cities. Afterall, the future of the universe rests on them being able to do this. But they aren't having any better luck than Superman. It seems that the walls of the ship themselves are holding the Legion at bay. Meanwhile Mon-El is enjoying his travels through space. This is all he's really wanted, ever since he was a kid . . to be able to fly among the stars and witness the miracles of the universe. The problem is . . this is all a dream. It seems that Brainiac has already captured him, and has him mounted in some kind of device that's feeding him these images. Superboy gets hit by a cheap-shot from Lex, and when he wakes up he's been shrunken and inserted into the miniaturized version of Kandor. He doesn't have his powers, but he does still have his Legion ring. But in Zod's eyes, that's not enough to qualify him as a soldier. Zod is taking a small force outside of the bottle . . the Brainiac Revenge Squad, but he won't let Connor help them out. He still considers Connor a clone, and not a true Kryptonian. Zod's forces are outside of the bottle and ready to fight Brainiac when the story ends. This story will be picked up next in Supergirl #52. Sterling Gates and James Robinson had a lot going on in this story, but . . there wasn't a lot of progress made. And for everything that's going on . . all the people attacking Brainiac from various fronts . . we don't even see him this issue. So . . is he off orchestrating everything, or . . is he just off taking a nap? I gotta ask, because apparently nobody attacking him is important enough to draw his personal attention. Travis Moore and Eduardo Pansica do the pencils for this part of the story. In the second one . . we see that Officer Romundi . . er, Car-Vex, is trying to settle into her undercover position within General Lane's ranks. She's devastated that she had to eliminate her friend, Quex-Ul, to prove her loyalty to the General, but . . she's confident that it'll all pay off in the end. That's a big mistake. It turns out that ever since she entered the General's base, he's known that she's Kryptonian. And . . she's fallen into her own trap . . the irradiated bacteria that adheres to the Kryptonians when they move at super-speed . . removing their powers. But before going down, she finds out that the General has also captured Nadira and Az-Rel. It seems that they're the ones that gave her up because the General was after Quex-Ul. They didn't know where he was, but they knew that she did. And they just wanted to stop the pain. I know these guys are the bad-guys, but . . I almost feel sorry for them. General Lane has no compassion or understand. He's single minded in the plan to reach his goal. Car-Vex learns that at the cost of her life. I really enjoyed Eric Trautmann's story here. You could almost feel Car-Vex's frustration and anger permeating off of the page. Especially at the moment when she realizes that she was never actually fooling them. Pier Gallo does the art, and . . it looks really good. Not that it matters much, but . . I guess with the next issue they're just going to stick with the original numbering of this series. So #514 will be the next issue. I don't know why it matters, but . . whatever. Overall I'm enjoying this story-line. It's a little frustrating, but . . I think that's the point.

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