Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Robin #11 - DC

I enjoyed this book. I like the Red Robin character. Of course I am biased because I think Tim's character is fantastic. But I'm not sure why he hasn't figured out what it is that Ra's is after. I mean, when he told him that he was going to make him suffer, and destroy everything that Bruce had built . . he pretty much told him what he was going to do. So right now, the League of Assassins in painting a target on everybody that's close to Tim or Bruce. And of course Tim feels responsible for protecting them all. But he can't. However . . his attention can be split in many different directions allowing Ra's to pursue the avenue to his real target . . Bruce Wayne's money. I don't think he's necessarily trying to steal the money, or take it as his own. But . . he wants to take down everything that Bruce had built, so . . even the most altruistic of men need thier money for the maintenance of their lives. And with everything involved in Bruce Wayne's life . . both with the Wayne Foundation and his extra-curricular activities, it takes a lot of money to keep things flowing smoothly. So without his financial resources, everything that he's built . . everything that he supports, will come to a grinding halt. Which is why I think he abducted Thomas Elliot. He's been posing as Bruce for this last year. And with no one available to stop him . . Alfred, Dick. Lucius . . he can perform the final act in his Bruce Wayne identity. . help Ra's destroy his life. But really, this is all just minutia to bide over the reader until we get involved in this search for Bruce Wayne story-line. I have a feeling that event is going to take up most of the Bat-books for the next several months. Chris Yost writes this book, with Marcus To doing the art. I enjoyed this issue. I liked the reaction by Damian when he realized who Pru was. That little rascal is hilarious . . in a sick, twisted, psychopathic way. But . . I think he's the edge that the Bat-books need.

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