Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wolverine #85 - Marvel

To me, with Daken, it seems like the one thing he hates more than anything is to be manipulated and used. I think that's why he wants to kill Norman Osborn. But he hasn't, because . . like a cat, he wants to play with his prey a little bit first. But, he keeps falling back into the same patterns. This issue Logan manipulates him masterfully, and then . . stabs him in the heart. Personally, I think Daken's problem is that he doesn't think broad enough. Sure he's got his own plans, but . . they're all pretty petty and self serving. So when someone like Logan comes along and says that he needs his help, his thought process isn't grand enough and he ends up a pawn in someone else's agenda. I know we don't know a lot about Daken, but from what we've seen so far . . he seems to fall into this scenario . . over and over. Anyways, at the end of last issue, Logan had gone to Daken and told him that he needed his help in taking down Romulus. Daken, listening but thinking of how this would all work into his plans to kill Logan, does what he does best and betrays Logan by telling Romulus everything. He thinks he's trying to manipulate the events to his advantage, but . . he's so predictable, that's what Logan expected . . and hoped for. Logan knew that when Ruby Thursday was approached by Romulus, that she gave up everything. Well . . everything that she knew. But she was feed false information. Logan also knew that in order for Romulus to buy into his manipulation he was going to have to provide him with a second source. That's where Daken comes in. Which is why, in the end, Logan has to stab Daken. First of all . . he doesn't want Daken going back to Romulus again to tell him that he's being played. And secondly . . from the outside, it looks like Logan is simply mad about his betrayal and is lashing out . . feeding into the myth that Romulus' information is correct. Leaving Logan free to follow his real plans. But we don't know what those are . . yet. This story continues next over into Wolverine Origins #47. I thought Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu did a masterful job with this story. I liked the manipulation by Logan. I expected it from Daken, but was thrilled to see Logan apply it so deftly. I also think that Stephen Segovia is turning into a very fine artist. I also think he definitely has a Mike Deodato influence to his stuff. Look at that cover an tell me you don't see it. Anyways, I thought this was a great issue and I can't wait to see how this whole storyline gets wrapped up.

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