Friday, April 30, 2010

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 - DC

While this story wraps up the Last Stand of New Krypton story-line, it really just serves to set us up for the next one . . War of the Supermen. There's a few revelations that come about this issue, but for the most part we see 10 pages of the city that Luthor enlarged in Brainiac's ship come crashing into Kandor. Mon-El reluctantly takes off with the Legion. He wants to stay and help Superman, but Kal-El convinces him that his destiny lies elsewhere. So he and the bottled cities leave. But not before Brainiac 5 saves Superman. When the city crashes, Clark, Kara and Connor all try to do the best they can to slow down the progress of the large mass. Also some of the Kandorians kick in with their strength. I think they limit the damage . . a bit, but . . there's still quite a bit of it. And when all's said and done, Superman stands impaled on some pieces of Brainiac's ship. Luckily, with Brainiac 5's know-how, and a transfusion from Connor . . not to mention a burst of yellow-sun energy from some device that Brainiac 5 has . . Superman is enabled a quick recovery. We also see Brainiac kill Lex for his transgression. And when Zod comes after Brainiac . . Superman stops him from killing him. Much to the dismay of the citizens of Kandor. And then Brainiac 5 shows up to take his great-grandfather . . somewhere. I'm sure we'll get some more on that part of the story in Adventure Comics. Anyways, Superman finds out that Lex was actually just a robot made by the Toy-Man. But the Kandorians don't know that. So in zenith of his power, Zod convinces them that this was all a perpetuated attack by Earth, and it's humans. On the final page Zod declares war on Earth. But what about the people in that other city that was enlarged? Are they still alive? And if so . . who, or what are they? We've still got lots of unanswered questions as we move into the next chapter of this epic story-line. James Robinson, Sterling Gates and Pete Woods did a fantastic job with this part. I can't wait to see what's coming next. Oh yeah . . and what did Lex get out of his involvement in all of this? Well . . it's 2-part. The first part is a Presidential Pardon for the megalomaniac. The second part? Well . . we don't know what that is yet, but . . it's something that he'll gain during the conflict between the 2 planets. I'm going to try to get an issue #0 that comes out on Free Comic Book Day, but . . since my guy doesn't participate, I guess I'll have to try to find one on E-bay. Hopefully I can get it before this story-line starts up.

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