Friday, April 30, 2010

Echo #21 - Abstract Studio

Ok . . something has to be done here. I know that Strangers in Paradise wasn't a huge hit when it was first being printed, but . . it became a huge cult classic. I'm hoping for the same thing here, but . . I haven't really seen it happening yet. I'm judging this on the fact that my comic book guy orders 1 copy of this title each month. That's insane. And it's also how I missed issue #19. Apparently someone bought it before I got there. So . . here's the deal . . we all need to go to our local comic shops and put this title on your pull list. I know . . it's going to be hard to get caught up with the story, but . . there's already 3 TPB editions out for this title. Between reading them, and buying the new issues, you should be able to get caught up pretty quickly. And you won't be disappointed. Terry Moore is a brilliant writer, and he's doing a fantastic job with these characters, and this title. For some reason this book just isn't getting the recognition it deserves. But it will. It will when everyone is trying to catch up with the story and is having a hard time finding the back issues because they were done in such low print runs. This issue was very excited and ended with a huge twist . . completely unexpected. But . . if you didn't pick it up . . you didn't get to read it, and you don't know what happened. I'm not necessarily saying this because I'm trying to push this book, or that I love Terry Moore's work. I'm saying this because with all the mediocre titles out there, something truly gifted and unique deserves the attention it should be getting. I just want to do what I can to get it out there. All I'm asking is . . give it a shot? Please!

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