Friday, April 30, 2010

Detective Comics #864 - DC

It appears that the story of Jeremiah Arkham is far from over. This issue we visit him in . . well, his asylum. He seems to have adapted pretty quickly . . resorting to his intellectual acumen to gain the upper hand on his would be assailants. Which really . . is everybody. So, his original intention of just sitting in here and biding his time . . isn't really all that feasible. Anyways, it appears that the Black Mask has one more plan that's still in motion. There's a fiance guy, Conrad LeBlanc, in Gotham they call him Mr Midas. Black Mask surgically implanted a bomb in this guy's chest. All Black Mask wants the guy to do is . .'Do your job, and move money wherever I tell you to.' But he has one specific deal in place that will come to fruition in 2 days. 'The stock of every major business in Gotham will collapse.' Now the problem is . . Black Mask knows the code to deactivate the bomb . . Jeremiah does not. So Batman has to figure out a way to get the information from his alternate personality. What ends up happening is a contest of wits. Jeremiah, while being questioned by Batman, tries to feed him information about his prize patients . . his Beauties. I guess he's hoping that once he's in the same cell with them that they'll help him in his struggle against Batman. Anyways, it appears that the Jester has turned his prized pupils against him. And in a fit of rage, Jeremiah ends up killing them all. The issue ends with him on the bloody floor asking Batman, 'Why? Why didn't you stop me?' Obviously Batman is up to something, I'm just not sure what. Or how. I thought this was a great story. I really liked the feel that David Hine gave to the script. And Jeremy Haun's art was perfect . . for the mood. These two together make a really good team. I also enjoyed the Question back-up, by Greg Rucka and Cully Hamner. It appears that this whole ruse by Vandal Savage . . Cain, has been to draw the Question and the Huntress to him. He's controlled things for quite a long time, but . . he's always done so while hiding in plain sight. Now, because of the 'Mark of Cain' on his forehead . . now he has to do so from the shadows. What he wants is for one of the girls to take the mark from him. 'It must be taken willingly. Which of you does it, I don't care. But one of you will . . or both of you will die.' To me, this story has definitely gotten more interesting as it's moved along.

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