Friday, April 30, 2010

the Authority - the Lost Year #8 - WildStorm

This issue was just kind of . . ok, for me. I mean . . I understand what the concept is here . . the team is lost in the bleed and by trying to find thier way home they keep landing on these various worlds with similar, but different, versions of themselves. Through those experiences they're learning a little more about themselves, and, I think, a little more about the affects that their actions have on the rest of the world. But, these guys have always been pretty arrogant and full of themselves. So . . I think it's going to take a mighty big hammer to get through that thick skull of theirs. I don't see how this particular landing is going to help them, but . . it is interesting. This world has an Authority team pretty much like their own, but . . there are a few differences. First of all, Midnighter and Apollo are kind of goofy here. And they completely deny their homoerotic tendencies. The Doctor is kind of goofy also, as he seems to be more into mumbo-jumbo than mysticism. And the Authority operates completely out in the open . . floating high over the city for everyone to see. 'We always put the buildings back together after we destroy them. In all our years together, not one single innocent bystander has ever been hurt. Well . . maybe they've been hurt. But no one's ever died. Well, there was that one guy. But we've got great insurance.' But what this world's team lacks in brutality and teamwork, it more than makes up for in paranoia. When the team first gets here, and Jack shows his presence, this world's team is convinced that they're just evil doppelgangers. So obviously there's a big fight. Until finally the 2 Jenny's agree to share information, and listen to one another . . even if very reluctantly. There seems to be some progress made until this world's arch-nemesis show up . . Emperor Maximus and his League of Nasty Bastards. They jump in and are ready to fight the Authority. That is until they take a look and find out this time that they're facing 2 teams. I enjoy Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis' writing. They always seem to put just the right amount of humor into their stories. And Keith always has great ideas for whatever book he's working on. So, while I appreciate the work being done here, I'm afraid that in the end it's just a lesson in futility. I mean, we already know what's going to happen when they do finally return to Earth . . Armageddon. We're already following their adventures past this series. And to me it doesn't seem like they've changed very much. So whatever they end up learning while they're out here . . apparently it doesn't stick. But that's ok. We love them because they're bastards. And we love them because they fight dirty to get the job done. So, why change what works? Anyways, David Williams and Kelsey Shannon do the art. Anyways, I like this series. And I always enjoy reading an Authority story. I just don't see the point. Sorry!

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