Friday, April 30, 2010

X-Force #26 - Marvel

There's a reason why the variant for this issue is call the RIP Variant . . an X-man dies. By the time of this post, if you haven't read this, or head the news, I'd be really surprised. So, I don't feel like I'm really spoiling anything. But just in case, if you can show some restraint and not scroll down to look at the other cover, then I'm really not. Right? Anyways, This issue is the next chapter in the Second Coming storyline, Chapter 5, and everyone is trying to save Hope. Or at least try to get back to Utopia. The cool thing I liked about this issue is that Bastion finally gets his hands dirty. He downloads his program into a robot, of some kind, and goes out into the field to join the fight himself. And when he's arguing with Rogue about Hope, I actually believe that he thinks he's trying to do what's best for humanity. 'The child is a clear and present danger to humanity, and will be terminated. We have seen you. We have seen what you become. What the world becomes because of you. And we cannot allow you to live.' In the process to save her, Rogue and Kurt have been put on the front lines. Rogue attacks Bastion, while Kurt attempts to get Hope to safety . . to continue their trip towards Utopia. However, just as he ports in to grab her and take off . . Bastion sticks his arm out a wraps it around Hope's neck. But because of the angle in which Kurt comes in . . he comes in right between them. Bastion's arm goes straight through his chest. Kurt prays and makes one final jump to Utopia . . with Hope in hand, and taking Bastion's arm with him. However, once landing . . he doesn't last very long. This battle has just gotten very personal for the X-Men. But for Bastion . . he doesn't seem overly concerned. With the current events Bastion know exactly where all of the X-Men are, and . . he knows exactly where Hope is. 'She escaped. Inconsequential. Proceed with the secondary plan.' That doesn't sound good. Anyways, while all of this is going on, Peter is concerned about his sister Illyana because she recently been taken back to Limbo. That part of the story will be continued in the Hellbound mini-series. I thought this was a great issue. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost did a good job with the story, and Mike Choi's art was incredible. In some ways I think I like his art better than Clayton Crain's. They're both just as realistic, but Mike's is much clearer and easier to follow. But that's just my opinion. Also the covers by Adi Granov and David Finch were beautiful. I just hope, pun intended, that when we find out what Hope's secret is . . I hope it's worth all of this. Can you imagine how Scott would feel if it turns out that she actually is the menace that some of these guys are claiming? Or Cable . . for his 20 years of wasted time? Well . . you'll have to stay tuned to find out what the real deal is. By the way . . RIP Kurt . . you deserve the rest.

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