Friday, April 30, 2010

Wonder Woman #43 - DC

It appears that whatever the original intentions of this space-faring race of women warriors . . it think that calling them Amazons would not only be a stretch, but an indignity to the true Amazons . . their intentions were forever changed when then captured a true Amazon, Astarte. Astarte is Hippolyta's older sister. Back then, this Citizenry would stop on various worlds to restock their supplies. This included their actual Citizenry. Apparently they would take 100 exceptional females from the planets where they stopped, and these would become the future of their race . . coalition . . species . . I'm not sure what you'd call it. They would take babies, and on their stop here . . they wanted Hippolyta. But Astarte offered herself up in Hippolyta's place. She loved her sister and she didn't want to see her taken away from her mother. The Citizenry would then erase the memory of the babies from those around it. 'It is our way to heal some of the hurt of those left behind.' Which is why no one remembers that Astarte even existed. Anyways, Astarte was deeply hurt and anguished over her acquisition. And I think it was her feelings and emotions which turned the Citizenry into this sharp sword that's slashing it's way across the galaxy. She's been their slave for over 3000 years. Astarte is not their leader, but . . she is responsible for feeding and fueling the fleet. It seems that the Citizenry has turned a blind eye to the methods in which she chooses to do that. Anyways, Astarte and Diana come up with a deal. Astarte knows that those beneath her are already plotting to kill her. They think she grows weak with age. And, I think, despite her responsibilities to the Citizenry, she still holds an affinity for this world. So they agree to a duel. This will entertain the masses while serving as a demonstration of Astarte's authority. If Diana wins, they will leave this world alone. Should she lose . . they'll set everything they have loose on it. Her opponent? Theana, Astarte's daughter. 'The most vicious Citizen soldier we've ever raised. Every cruel impulse ever imagined. She is our Princess. She is our champion. And she is my daughter.' So actually . . it's like vs like. This should be entertaining. I think Gail Simone is doing a tremendous job with this series. I think she definitely shows an affinity for this character. She really seems to be enjoying herself here. Also, while I miss Aaron Lopresti, Nicola Scott and Fernando Dagnino are doing a tremendous job. Both are very talented artists, and their styles seem to compliment each other nicely. I've been a Wonder Woman fan for a long time. And I think . . right here, right now . . this is some of the best I've ever seen.

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