Friday, April 30, 2010

Action Comics #889 - DC

Ok . . so Vohc the Destroyer has created his own version of Rao . . the Kryptonian God. He's also powered the beast by giving him a heart that's made up of an unstable sun. So as Rao gains power, he also gains mass. Eventually he'll get to the point where he'll overload his 'heart', and the sun will implode. Thereby collapsing in upon itself taking all of Earth with it. Yes it will also kill Vohc, but . . he's abated himself in the knowledge that it'll also take his love, Flamebird with it. However, when he sent Chris to the Phantom Zone last issue . . that still needs to be explained because I thought it was destroyed . . while in the Phantom Zone Chris comes into contact with, and discovers Nightwing. And since Nightwing controls the Phantom Zone, it's nothing for him to escape and come to his love's aid. Long story short, Rao is defeated and Chris and Thara . . Nightwing & Flamebird, escape before General Lane and the rest of the military show up. But there's something going on as one of the General's workers seems to be trying to gather up as many of Rao's pieces as possible. The General does not need this thing in his arsenal. I thought it was an interesting issue. Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann provided an entertaining story. But like so many of these stories it left more questions than answers. I liked it, but . . I wasn't thrilled with it. Also, Pere Perez' art was ok. In the back-up Captain Comet's story is wrapped up. Last issue Miribai was beaten. This issue Aggaro reveals himself to be Mordru. He was in hiding so that he didn't have to fight Miribai directly. He was waiting for everything else to play out. So now he can go back to being the leader of Sorcerers World. And Captain Atom comes back to Earth and begins the path towards being a 'real American hero' once again. I don't really understand everything that happened here, but . . it all worked out for the best in the end. I guess. From here Captain Atom goes to the JLI: Generation Lost series. This part of the story was by James Robinson and Cafu. Overall I thought it was an ok book. But I am glad that this whole Rao storyline is finished. At least for now.

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