Sunday, April 11, 2010

Batman Confidential #43 - DC

I think Sam Keith is a brilliant talent. But . . I have to be honest . . the ending for this story-arc left me a little . . bewildered. The nearest I can figure . . this story was more about the growing friendship between Batman and Callie than . . well, the story that was wrapped around this enigma. Batman and Callie have been chasing this ghost around Gotham. It turns out that this policeman is responsible for the whole thing. He claims to be 'directed' by some outside force, but . . I'm thinking the guy was just a loon. When Batman finds him and confronts him . . he commits suicide. So . . I guess everything is over. No more terror in the streets because of this 'ghost' attacker. At least . . that's what I think happened. Anyways, while this is going on, Callie got this inner dialogue going where she's trying to sort out the relationship between herself and Batman. She thinks they're more than just friends. So maybe Callie was the crazy one. Anyways, they've got this all wrapped up, and Callie's trying to decide whether or not to ask Batman out for breakfast. She turns around to walk away, when . . she trips over the sidewalk and cracks her head open on the curb. She's dead before the paramedics can arrive. It really was a rather anticlimactic ending. It just left me staring at the book, thinking . . 'Huh?' Although, having said that . . Sam's artwork was superb. The art alone was worth the price of admission. He's got some brilliant panels in her, and a couple full page spreads. Overall, I really liked the book. I don't want to be negative about the story, because I liked it. Right up until the end. I'm still a little confused about what happened.

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