Friday, April 30, 2010

Teen Titans #82 - DC

I was a little confused about what happened in this issue. I mean . . I know our team is in Dakota fighting Holocaust. And I know he's a real powerhouse now because the Bang made Holocaust an avatar of destruction . . a force of nature. But the only really power he's exerting here is in his fight against the Titans. I mean, before Static and the Titans came to town, Holocaust was in control because of a virus that he had manufactured and let loose. Since he possessed the only known vaccine . . he made money off of selling limited supplies to the doctors, hospitals or pharmacies. And since it was in limited supplies, those vaccinations made prime targets for criminals to high-jack. Sometimes, I'm sure, Holocaust's own men. And then he used that money to expand his already thriving empire in Dakota. So anyways, the Titans spend most of this issue trying to beat him down, but eventually they are successful. But where do you put a guy like this? The Titans answer? The Flash forms a gravity well and sends Holocaust to the center of the Earth. 'Since he's going to have to climb out by hand, it'll be quite a while before we hear from him again.' Ok. I have more than a few questions about that, but . . it's a comic book, so . . I'll let artistic license fly. I just say that the whole thing seemed more than a little . . contrived. So . . after Static says a few goodbyes, the team is off to San Francisco to get some medical attention for Raven and M'Gann. But the lackey of Holocaust's, whom they brought along for whatever reason . . he changes form and bust out of the Titans jet. And in the process he creates some kind of dimensional rift which he then takes the unconscious Raven in to. And all of that action happens on the final page of the story. And . . that's the part I'm confused about. I mean . . from reading the previews I know that the Titans are heading into Trigon's dimension, and this guy was probably one of his sons. But why did he go to the trouble of working with Holocaust, and providing him with this virus, just to get the Titans attention. I mean . . he probably could've done so without such an elaborate scheme. It all seemed a bit overplayed to me. I wasn't thrilled with the story this issue. It was written by Felicia D Henderson. Now the art on the other hand, by Jose Luis, was awesome. This guy is doing a great job and he seems to be getting better with every issue. On the plus side . . Connor, Bart and Vic are back. Now if we can just give them an adventure worthy of their talents. Also this issue . . we wrap up the Ravager story-line. This was by Sean McKeever and Yildiray Cinar. It was ok. A bit predictable, but . . it's always nice to see the Ravager in action. Yildiray also seems to be improving with every issue. I'm holding on as best I can, but . . these last few issues have really let me down. I just keep hoping for it to get better. And hoping . . and hoping . . and hoping . . . . .

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