Saturday, April 03, 2010

Smallville - Escape - Season 9 Episode 15 - CW

This episode we're introduced to the TV version of the Silver Banshee. When Lois and Clark decide to take a weekend getaway to a little B & B called the McDougall Inn, I kind of suspected what might be coming up. But . . I did get my wish in that this episode was just a single story Lois & Clark episode. Well . . kind of. There is some stuff in here about Zod, but . . it's pretty limited. Basically we find out that Tess knows that Zod has gained his powers. He ends up seducing her . . or is it the other way around? Anyways, they're both playing a dangerous game and neither trusts the other. With good reason. But . . back to the story. The happy couple decide to get away for the weekend and they end up in the same place that Chloe and Ollie have decided to use to expand their relationship. But don't worry. They aren't a couple. They're just pursuing a 'no strings attached' relationship. I think they both just need someone to take comfort in, and . . they've found a common way to fulfill that 'itch'. Anyways, long story short . . they stick pretty close to the Banshee's origins. She ends up coming out of a painting of one of their ancestors when Lois accidentally scratches it. It turns out the painting that was showing was actually covering up a painting of Siobhan. When the painting was scratched, she used her own painting as a portal to escape. After reading some Gaelic text, Chloe figures out that all they have to do is destroy the painting with fire. Problem solved. But not before Clark and Ollie get beat up a little bit by the fem-fatale . . and their girlfriends. I thought it was an entertaining episode with plenty of the 'soap-opera' charm that usually comes with this series. I can't wait to see the next. It's all about Checkmate . . and Amanda Waller.

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