Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Mutants #12 - Marvel

In this third chapter of Second Coming, X-Force is still trying to help Cable and Hope make their way to Utopia. However, when they found them last issue, Bastion had already found them and Stryker and his Purifiers were on the scene trying to capture them. Meanwhile, Sam has been ordered to attack a manufacturing facility . . run by Bastion and Cameron Hodge, to try to prevent Bastion from getting any more ordinance. But it's a lucky thing they're there . . although I'm sure they don't feel so, they're outnumbered about 100 to 1 . . when X-Force starts applying the heat to the Purifiers, they call to Cameron Hodge for back-up. But, since the New Mutants have them otherwise involved . . there won't be any back-up coming. During the course of all this, the Purifiers fire something at Illyana that disrupts her abilities. Sensing her weakness . . something from the other side reaches out and pulls her in. I think there's definitely going to be a division between the X-Men when this is all over. We've been watching X-Force and their extreme methods for the last 2 years. But the rest of the X-Men haven't known what they've been up to. Seeing them in action, I think, is definitely going to cause a division in the rest of the team. They'll either agree with what X-Force is trying to accomplish, or . . they'll completely disagree with their methods. And right now Nate doesn't know who to trust. He's not sure how Bastion found him so quickly, and he thinks he may have a man on the inside of the X-Men. He hasn't figured out yet that they're tracking him through his techno-organic virus. Although there is someone inside the X-Men. Just not in the way we'd think. Damage and Rogue are watching over some of their captives, but . . I think Donald Pierce is only feigning capture. I think he's trying to manipulate things from within. The issue ends when Karma tries to take over Cameron Hodge and she then becomes his primary target. Things don't look good for her on the final page. I think Zeb Wells did a great job with this part of the story. And Ibraim Roberson's pencils looked spectacular. I know this issue wasn't entirely about the New Mutants, but . . I think this has been my favorite issue to date. Not to mention that Second Coming is getting really exciting.

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