Sunday, April 25, 2010

Superman / Batman #71 - DC

Ok . . when we started on this storyline, a couple of months ago, I was wondering why we were going all the way back to the Our Worlds at War story-line. At the time that was an interesting story-line, but . . I didn't really see what the relevance was now. That is . . until this issue. There's a couple of clues presented this issue that may indicate it's relevance to current story-lines, especially with Superman and what's going on with New Krypton. First of all, this guy who was posing as Anderson Gaines is a Durlan. And eons ago, there was a brutal war between the Durlans and the Kryptonians. Somehow one of their old war vessels ended up on the dark-side of our moon. So, while not being able to take on Superman directly . . the last Kryptonian . . remember, this all happened before the Kandorians came to Earth . . the Durlan is settling for destroying Superman emotionally by crashing this warship into Metropolis . . Superman's adopted home. Now, first of all there's this Durlans hatred of all things Kryptonian. However, right now . . he thinks that Superman is the last of his species. What happens when he finds out about the Kandorians and New Krypton. Secondly, while fighting Superman, he makes the observation . .'War is a way of both our races. If there was ever again another world of Krypton, there is no doubt in my mind that they'd attack your adopted planet.' So, Superman beats the Durlan by freezing him. When he attempts to change shape, he shatters into a million pieces. However . . on the final page, we see one of his arms floating in the water of the Metropolis River, where Batman crash landed the ship. So I'm thinking . . somehow he's survived through that piece of his being, and he's directly related to this war with New Krypton. But in order to do so, he has to be in a position of power where he can influence events. I don't think that he'd assume a role of a Kryptonian, as that would go against everything that he believes. So . . I'm thinking . . maybe, General Lane? And if not the General, then maybe one of the people behind project 7734. I know it's a leap in logic, but . . there has to be a reason that this story was presented now. And I just have this curiosity to try to figure out what's going on next. Also, I'm wondering what the final fate of NRG-X is. Anyways, I enjoyed this story-line by Joe Casey and Joshua Williamson. And in this issue Jason Fabok does the pencils. I enjoy this series. But to me . . it's still . . World's Finest!

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