Sunday, April 18, 2010

Secret Six #20 - DC

At the end of the last issue, the guy who hired the Secret Six was holding Thomas Blake, and Jade's son hostage. Well . . he wasn't actually doing it . . he was attempting to feign ignorance. But the goons that he hired were. Their demands? 'One year of life for your son, for every one of your team-mates that you kill . . in the next 5 minutes.' At first it looks like Thomas is going to do it. But then he turns the tables on them. 'No deal. Go ahead and drop him. Drop him! I'm going to hang up this phone, but I want you to understand something. You'll run, you'll hide. And in the dark . . I'll find you.' And then he quits the group. He knows he has to go after these guys, and I think he'd prefer to do it alone. It's not that the others would hold him back. They might actually help him. But . . he has to do this alone. This is personal. First he goes to check on Jade, and then with her help he's off to Italy after the only one that she was able to identify, Claudio Rinetti. He's a mob enforcer, and he's as mean as they come. Thomas enjoys taking him apart piece by piece. It takes him three hours to get the information out of him that he wants. So that leaves him on the trail of the other two. Meanwhile, Scandal, Deadshot, Ragdoll and Black Alice are on their way to see what they can do to help their teammate. Leaving Bane and Jeanette alone in the House of Secrets. I wonder what kind of trouble they're going to get in to. This was chapter 2 of the Cats in the Cradle story-line. I've really enjoyed Gail Simone's stories on this series. I like the way that she operates this group dynamic . . this, dysfunctional group dynamic. There's also a great cast of characters here. J Calafiore appears to be the artist . . at least for this story-arc. Also, isn't that a beautiful cover by Daniel Zuvisi? This guy is incredibly talented.

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