Friday, April 30, 2010

Superman #699 - DC

Well . . it seems like we make a little progress this issue, but . . I'm not really sure what it's all going to be worth. Zod and his Brainiac Revenge Squad had enlarged themselves, and were now fighting against Brainiac's drones. That's the battle that Superman has found himself in. But, he's appalled when he finds out that Zod had escaped Kandor, and rather than help them he went out to exact his revenge. So when Zod finally gets sight of Brainiac, and attacks . . Superman goes out to find Kandor, which luckily Zod did think far enough ahead to put a tracer on. On the way, he comes into telepathic contact with the Legion, and through them instructs Kara on where Kandor is located. She and Brainiac 5 take it back down to New Krypton and enlarge it. Meanwhile the Legion has found the rest of the bottle cities and has thereby completed it's mission. They need these cities to save the world's of the future. And once they gather up Mon-El, whom they're also supposed to bring back. they're ready to take off. But, of course, there are a few more complications. First of all, with Kandor safe, Superman has gone back to join the battle between Zod and Brainiac. Obviously it's very heated. And Lex Luthor? What has he been up to since he came back out of Kandor last issue and took one of the cities for himself? Well . . it appears that he's going to enlarge it right in the middle of Brainiac's ship. We don't really know why, or what he's hoping to accomplish, but the people of Kandor look up to see Brainiac's ship coming apart at the seams. And if a city is enlarging in the air . . it's probably going to be coming down right on top of them. This stories thrilling adventure continues next in Last Stand of New Krypton #3, and then Adventure Comics #11. I thought James Robinson and Bernard Chang did a great job with this chapter. But to me . . the most interesting part was the epiphany that Mon-El has while in captivity. He starts thinking back to his conversations with that Gorilla scientist. He realizes that all of them . . Lane and Metallo included, have let it slip that they've experimented on Daxamites before. He knows about their powers and weakness'. He knows that Mon-El, unlike the others is immune to lead poisoning. And . . it appears that most of their previous experiments have been on female Daxamites. So what does that mean for the future of Mon-El? And what exactly have these barbarians been doing? Well . . I'm guessing that those stories are going to have to wait for a future date, where I'm sure they'll be explored in great depth. Superman #700 is out next month. But . . there's about 8 more chapters of this story between now and then. It should be an exciting month to be a Superman fan.

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