Sunday, April 25, 2010

Supergirl #52 - DC

Well . . Zod and the Brainiac Revenge Squad have enlarged themselves and are now trying to find Brainiac himself. Meanwhile, Kara and Brainiac 5 are running around the ship, trying to fix the future that Brainiac has destroyed. Yes, he's Brainiac 5's . . um, Great-Grandfather? Anyways, he's brought Supergirl with him because he wants to destroy the central processor for the ship . . and she's got the best strength to do that with. Plus . . I think he wants to keep an eye on her because when she traveled to the future . . a few years ago, Brainy fell madly in love with her. Unfortunately, Saturn Girl wiped those memories clean before she came back in time. I think Brainy wants to make sure that nobody slips by giving her too much information. Plus . . I think he just wants to spend some time with her. It appears that Lex has made it into the bottled city of Kandor, and finds where Commander Gor is interrogating Reactron. We're under the impression that he's there to free him, but . . he just takes something from him. I think it's the device to help him enlarge and get out of the city. Which he does, and then . . he steals one of the bottle cities for himself. Anyways, we get our first image of Brainiac, in like 3 issues, when he pops up on the monitor to tell Brainiac 5 that he's been tracking him, and to watch out for the Visper Phages. So Brainiac 5 and Kara destroy the central processor, which allows Superman and Quislet to get aboard the ship. Whatever happens next, happens in Superman #699. I thought it was an ok story. I enjoyed the dialogue and interaction between Kara and Brainy. I thought that was easily the best part of the book. The rest of it just served to progress the story a little further. Sterling Gates writes it, with Ivan Rodriguez doing the art. I thought Ivan did a great job. I assume this is his first work, but . . it looked very polished and finished. Matt Camp does the cover. Overall, I thought the issue was ok. If you don't follow the book though, you might just want to wait for the TPB and get it all together. I'm sure it'll be out soon.

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