Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #523 - Marvel

I don't usually put the pictures of the Marvel variants in here. Mostly because . . well, there's just so many of them. However, with David Finch doing the variant cover here . . I just couldn't resist. It's beautiful . . isn't it? Anyways, since we haven't a clue as to what Hope's powers are going to be . . or even if or when they're going to manifest themselves, I'm starting to think that Hope's biggest influence on the X-Men is going to be her potential . . her 'hope' for change . . for a better world. We already see her influencing the teams indirectly. But right now . . that's not all a positive influence. First of all, I have to say that it can't be coincidental how much Hope looks like Jean. I have a feeling that it's going to set Scott and Emma both back when they finally see her. But what's happened so far is that her, and Cable's return have brought to light Scott's decision to sanction a 'wet' team of X-Men. Right now Scott's 'Alpha' team consists of some of the most powerful, and dangerous of the X-Men. That includes some of the members of X-Force . . and some who are not. However when they see Logan and Laura in action . . especially Kurt, they're definitely put back by what the X-Men have been turned in to. But right now Scott's using thier battle training to hold things together. 'If you've got an issue with my leadership, do not bring it up when you're in the field. Get the girl and get her here now. You can tear my head off once you're all home safe and sound.' Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence Bastion is also rallying his forces. He's already sent the Purifiers and the Sapien League after our duo in Westchester. Now, as they stop for a little respite along I-80, he's sent the Reverend and his Purifiers out to 'crush them'. But he's got other things in the works also. He's holding Hodge and his people as a back-up, should Stryker fail. And he's also got them building some towers of some sort for him. But the part that really gets me is the way that Scott is running the X-Men like a guerrilla outfit. Obviously all of the teams are aware of each other, but . . they aren't aware of what each other is doing. I think only Scott and Emma have the complete picture. When they discover that Stryker is going after Cable and Hope at the hotel they're resting at, Scott sends in the Alpha team as a ground assault. However, he also has the New Mutants cloaked in a blackbird over Hodge's facility where he manufactures anti-mutant personnel weaponry. That may be where they're constructing the towers also. Anyways, as the Alpha team is attacking Stryker, so to are the New Mutants going after Hodge. And who knows what else Scott has going on out there. I know we've had different 'war' scenario's before, but . . this one seems more like one than any other. And Scott has assumed the role of General. Unfortunately, the General usually gets all the praise . . or all the blame. I think Matt Fraction is doing a terrific job with this story. And I enjoyed Terry Dodson's art, although it did seem a little more rushed than usual. Anyways, it was a great issue and I can't wait to see what happens next in New Mutants #12. By the way . . I'm only buying variants of these issues if I can find them on E-bay. Cheap!!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I really love your reviews, recently had to give up collecting comics so reading your comments each day can keep up with all the latest action. So good to read positive reviews, most I read online seem to hate the comics they're reviewing!