Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Lantern #53 - DC

Blackest Night is over, but . . this book gives us a whole bunch of new questions. First of all . . who is that talking to Hector Hammond? Secondly . . in the 'Lost Sector', who is that talking of omen and portent? It appears to be a guardian who is forever shackled by the green light. Is it Scar? And if not . . what happened to Scar? We haven't seen anything of her in quite a while now. Whomever it is appears to have Parallax shackled to the icon of the Sinestro Corps. Did they just happen to get that beast, or are they trying to get all of them? There appears to be a relationship, of sorts, forming between Lex Luthor and Larfleeze. That's more than a little disconcerting. Larfleeze wants what Lex has . . even if he doesn't know or comprehend what that is. And Lex . . Lex wants a Black Ring. Also it appears that Ganthet and Atrocitus are on the same page . . they both want to bring down the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. I know there's no love lost there, but what really surprised me is their inclusion of Guy Gardner in their plans. Why does he have such a beef? Because of Tora? It was a little somber, and I thought a unique gesture that the Flash and Saint Walker were trying to put to rest all of the desecrated souls. I know it's all part of the cleanup process, but . . I really didn't expect to see it. Anyways, most of this issue is spent with Hal and Carol exploring their relationship . . thier 'new' relationship. Apparently she's planning on hanging on to the Star Sapphire ring for a while. Even though she said it was temporary. They both love each other deeply, although Hal admits that he's still seeing Cowgirl. And . . their relationship has always been a work in progress. When it comes to the exciting stuff . . flying planes, adventure and danger, and sex . . they have no problems. But the day to day stuff, like communication . . that's what they need to work on. Maybe that's why Carol is hanging on to the ring. Maybe she thinks it puts them on the same level. I don't know. We'll have to see how all of that turns out. Anyways, Sinestro has found the White Lantern, but apparently nobody can touch it or move it except for it's intended recipient. And right now . . it's asking for Hal Jordan. I enjoyed Geoff Johns story here. I like the way things are wrapping up, and spinning out at the same time. To me . . this is where his strength lies. I enjoy his myopic story-lines, but . . I think his best talent lies in the subtleties of story telling . . the character development and interactions, the planning and congruence of events, and his imagination. With Brightest Day on the horizon . . I can't wait to see where we go with all of this. Especially with the 'how' and 'why' certain heroes were brought back to life. I have a feeling that things aren't as 'rosey' as they appear right now. I'd also like to say that while I miss Ivan Reis work on this series, Doug Mahnke is doing an incredible job. I love the way he can change the mood of his art. When we see the 'Lost Sector', it's all dark and gloomy. But then on the pages with Carol and Hal, things are brightly colored with crisp, clean lines. I think Doug is a great talent, and this is the book that he seems to shine the best on. Oh yeah . . also spinning out of all of this is going to be a new Green Lantern title . . Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors!. I don't really know anything about the book, other than this is apparently where Guy Gardner's story is going to end up. As I hear more . . I'll let you know.

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