Sunday, April 18, 2010

Batman #698 - DC

This story seems like a simple 'who-dun-it', but . . I think there's more to it than that. Basically, Batman and the Commissioner stumble across a murder spree. Edward Nigma turns them on to the idea that it's the work of a copy-cat serial killer. His notion seems a little far-fetched, but when Dick starts to do some digging he finds a few more bodies out there. What they have in common is that they're all financial people for the mob . . in one form or another. And they've all been recently released from Blackgate prison. Also, they've all been killed in ways that make it look like they were done by one of Batman's enemies. So far they look like the work of Zsasz, the Penguin, Mr Freeze, Two-Face, and finally at the end when someone goes after Edward . . he's made to look like the work of the Joker. And for some reason, all clues point towards Garfield Lynns, the Firefly. He's in Arkham now, but . . he was in Blackgate with each of the victims at one time or another. And was even room-mates with a few of them. But he's not talking. And then Batman gets some clues that point towards a shady looking character that goes by the name of Sebastian Rothschild. Or his stage name after he became a magician . . Sebastian Blackspell. When Batman goes to Sebastian's apartment, he finds another victim, and . . clues pointing towards the next . . Garfield Lynns and Edward Nigma. But those 2 don't really fit the pattern of the first victims. Anyways, the issue ends with Edward on the ground in an alley with a Joker-face, and cackling laughter in the background. Maybe the Joker is behind it all. But I have a feeling that something strange is going on with Edward. We'll have to wait until next issue to get it all sorted out. Tony Daniel writes this story, and does the cover, with Guillem March doing the interiors. I've really enjoyed Guillem's work on Gotham City Sirens, but . . I think his work in this issue is just a little bit better. Maybe it's the coloring, or the layouts, but I thought he did a great job. One more issue and then we're up to Batman #700 . . and the return of Grant Morrison.

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