Friday, April 30, 2010

Gotham City Sirens #11 - DC

This was a kind of short and sweet story, but . . it was entertaining. While out on a jog, Selina is approached by a couple of thier neighbors. It seems that there's been a rash of dog-napping occurring in the neighborhood. Selina doesn't think much of it, but when she shows the picture to Harley, she can't wait to go out searching. Anyways, at first they think it's a local gang who run the dog-fights, but . . it ends up being Harley's hyenas. After she goes to bed they've been sneaking out of the yard, snatching up the local pets, and eating them. Obviously they can't return the pets, but . . they can make sure it doesn't happen anymore. And Selina makes Harley donates the hyenas to the zoo. Like I said . . short and sweet. But . . while this was going on, Poison Ivy started her first day on the job at STAR labs as the new director of biochemical research, Dr Paula Irving. Her first act was to fire Dr Simmons, and his entire team. They've been in charge of botanical research at STAR for the last 20 years. She didn't really have any reason to do it other than showing the rest of the staff who was in charge. The problem is, later on, one of Dr Simmons assistants, Alisa, decides to get some payback. She sneaks back into the labs and lures Dr Irving into an industrial strength dehydrator. The issue ends with her cranking it up. 'You've wiped away everything I've worked for. Allow me to return the favor!' Paul Dini's stories aren't overly complicated, but . . I do think they're entertaining. Most of his stories are either single issue, or 2-issue story-arcs. But I do like the feel of them. They're kind of 'a day in the life' kind of thing. It's just a quick entertaining read. This issue Andres Guinaldo steps in on the art. Although Guillem March still does the cover. I liked Andres' art. It had a unique kind of feel to it. And it's always nice seeing these 'bad-girls' act up.

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