Sunday, April 25, 2010

Power Girl #11 - DC

This is another great 'Girl Power' book that I just love to read. Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti put in just enough humor here to keep it interesting and poignant. And the meld between their writing and Amanda Connor's art is perfect. Last issue Atlee came to Karen for help, but Karen wasn't aware that Satanna had replaced her brain with that of the Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite has made a play for Karen's body before, but she never thought he'd stoop to this. So there's a big drag out fight between the two women, until Karen finally uses some brains and takes her up into the atmosphere . . away from Atlee's power-base, the Earth . . until she passes out. She then makes a beeline to Satanna to find out what happened to Atlee's brain. It turns out that Satanna has put it in some type of gorilla, or monkey, or something. Anyways Karen takes her back to Strata, Atlee's home under the crust of the planet, to get Aurla to help them out. It turns out that she can clone Atlee's body to replace her brain in. She also does a little work for the Ultra-Humanite . . Gerard Shugel. She used the genetic sequences in Gerard's brain to clone him a body also. And while in there, she noticed the abnormal sequences that caused his degenerative disease and fixed that too. You'd think the guy would be grateful, but . . he kisses up to Karen to her face, however once she leaves . . 'It's not over, Power Girl. It's never going to be over between us . . I will have my . . revenge.' And we see that Satanna has also decided that it's time to quit playing around with Power Girl. When Karen came looking for Atlee's brain, she took off Satanna's arm to get her to talk. She knew it wasn't a problem because Satanna and her 'subjects' are excellent surgeons. But even with a Cheetah arm, she's not happy. She decides to get ahold of Doctor Sivana. 'Tell him I've decided to kill a Kryptonian. And I no longer care what he wants in return.' Well, I'm glad that Atlee is ok, but . . Karen's strengthened the resolve of 2 pretty powerful enemies in the process. This is a great book. Yeah sure it's a joke on the 'super-hero' level, but . . it's the tongue-in-cheek humor that to me makes it such an enjoyable read. Well . . that, and . . Amanda's art.

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