Sunday, April 18, 2010

World War Hulk: Hulked Out Heroes #1 - Marvel

This is yet another one that I was planning on passing on. I try not to get drawn in to everything. But . . as fortune would have it, I again found another variant on E-bay for 99 cents. When that happens . . how can I say no? So . . here we are. But, I have to say, I was kind of disappointed in this one. I thought we'd see all the various Hulked Out Heroes in this issue . . banging heads, and taking names . . but his one revolves mostly around Deadpool . . er, sorry . . Hulkpool. He's got his AIM friend, Bob with him, and his plan is to use Thundra's time device . . you know, the one that the Red Hulk buried in that rock in the desert . . and use it to go back in time and kill himself. I know . . not a very well thought out plan. Anyways, Bob tries to help him out, but he's not familiar with the device . . so, things go awry. First Hulkpool ends up in 1717, where Dr Doom had sent the FF one time to retrieve Blackbeard's treasure. He ends up teaming up with Thingbeard for a short time, and they're the scourge of the seas. Until Bob attempts to retrieve them. From there they end up in prehistoric times with Dino and Moon Boy. Bob's next retrieval sends them into the Wild West, circa 1873, where Hawkeye has been sent back in time and is doing target practice with the Two-Gun Kid. But Bob's afraid that he's going to mess up the time-stream so he tries to send all of them back to their respective times. Which he appears to have accomplished, but . . Hulkpool ends up in 1945 and inadvertantly stops Captain America from rescuing Bucky from his fateful trip on the missle. Next issue is titles . . "Goodbye, History!" Anyways, it was an interesting issue. It was filled with the usual humor that surrounds Deadpool. But . . it wasn't at all what I expected. I thought the story by Jeff Parker was just a little bit . . scattered. I'm not sure what the purpose of all this is. And I don't understand why this wouldn't have been presented in a Deadpool mini. It's not like there isn't already 5 or 6 Deadpool titles coming out next month. So, it left me a little confused . . not just about the story, but also about it's motivations. Although I will say that Humberto Ramos' art was fantastic . . as usual. To me that was easily the best part of the story. I'll probably end up picking up #2 . . just because I'm a completest . . which is why I try not to even get started on things sometimes. So . . we'll see what happens. But I don't know what this has to do with the World War Hulks storyline. Other than that he was transformed through the Red Hulks energy. But I can't see what that has to do with the rest of the storyline. Oh well . . it is what it is.

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