Sunday, April 11, 2010

the Flash - Secret Files and Origins 2010 - DC

I think this issue is mostly for the benefit of people that may not be familiar with the Flash character. Although . . I don't know who that is. It's written by Geoff Johns, so it brilliantly depicts a young Barry Allen's life shortly before his mother was killed. It was actually moving. We also find out that apparently Barry's mood and desires affect the Speed Force which also has an affect on everyone connected to it. When Barry has a dream about his mother, he goes back to their original house. It isn't long before Jay shows up. 'I felt something. I felt you were in trouble. I was drawn to this spot. To you.' And when he goes outside, he finds the rest of them waiting there also . . Wally, Jesse, Bart, Iris and Max. I guess they all felt the same pull. I thought it was a great way of showing Barry that he really has to families . . his family with Iris, and his Flash-family. We also get a story about the Rogues. Apparently Sam Scudder had set up a contingency plan for the Flash, back when he was the Mirror Master. Captain Cold takes them to his old factory where they find a giant mirror covered up. When they pull off the tarp it says . . 'In case the Flash returns break glass'. And of course this is all leading up to the 1st issue of the Flash coming out next week. I also thought it was great that Scott Kolins illustrated both of these stories. He had a really nice run on the Flash book previously. But Francis Manapul, the new artist on the book, illustrates most of the biography pages in the back. Geoff gives us lots of information on the various characters, plus . . I think, some clues into the upcoming story-lines. If you're at all interested in the new book, you should probably pick this up.

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