Friday, April 30, 2010

X-Men Forever #22 - Marvel

Scott and team . . including Nick Fury, have decided to take the fight to the Consortium. With the knowledge they gained in the last issue, they've found out that not only is the Consortium ready to fire their weapon, Plague X, at Earth, but . . Tony Stark is one of their members. Everybody is having a hard time swallowing that, but . . they have to face the facts. However, being part of the Consortium, and being part of the Plague X plan could be 2 different things. But, having said that, if their plan is successful he would still have to be held just as accountable for their actions. Anyways, Scott's plan is to get aboard the Constortium's satellite . . which is where the Plague X weapon is located, and blow up it's power-source, a nuclear reactor. This would cripple the Consortium and take out the weapon. Another problem is tht Ziggy Trask and her mother have just come on board to show the Consortium their new Sentinel design . . the Neo-Sentinels. Anyways, long story short . . Tony ends up helping them with their plan, but they may still lose Hank as someone has to stay behind to monitor the energy output. The Trasks have started to power up the weapon. And if the bomb goes off with the weapon at full power it could not only take out all the mutants on Earth, but essentially sterilize anyone, and everyone else caught in the wave also. The issue ends with Jean and Hank saying their goodbyes. I've enjoyed this title so far. I think Chris Claremont has come up with a unique perspective to a story that we've already seen run it's course. But, it's almost at it's end. I believe there's only 1 more issue, and then a Giant-Sized issue to come. That's the bad news. But then the good news is . . we start right into X-Men Forever - Chapter 2. I don't know what Chris has in store for us, but I'm sure it'll be just as exciting as this first series. This issue's art was done by Daniel HDR. With Tom Grummett still doing the cover. If you haven't tried out this book yet, I'm sure there will be a couple of TPB's out soon. Give it a whirl. I think you'll like it.

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