Friday, April 30, 2010

Ultimate Comics - Avengers 2 - #1 - Marvel

This issue starts out catching us up on Frank Castle's character in the Ultimate Universe. Right now he's at the point where he's just trying to make a huge dent into the infrastructure of the mob families in Manhattan. And he's wracking up quite the kill-list. Unfortunately, he's also attracted the attention of the US Government. He's going after one of Russia's biggest, Joseph Petrenko . . aka the Red Hammer, when he finds out that he's been targeted in an Ultimate sting. He thinks he's going to take out Petrenko, when actually he ends up getting a severe beat-down by Captain America. I guess in a case like Frank's, there's no such thing as excessive violence. They have to do whatever they can to take this guy down . . and fast. But the government doesn't hold him for long as he quickly ends up in Nick Fury's custody. 'I pissed some people off so now I run SHIELD's black-ops division. We get paid to do the dirty stuff. The kinda jobs Captain America and his friends would balk at . . hence the reason we're after a Captain America of our own.' Frank Castle? As Captain America . . or a suitable replacement thereof? Not something I would've thought of. But that's why I love Mark Millar's writing. So the issue ends with him all dressed up in a Captain America kind of looking suit. And they're on to the next Avenger . . the Hulk. 'Oh, this isn't Bruce Banner. Bruce is crazy, unpredictable and not nearly amoral enough. This is Banner's mentor . . the First Hulk.' Huh? We get a glimpse of him in a strip-club. He kind of looks like Luke Cage, but . . I don't know. I guess we'll find out more next issue. Mark always writes a thoroughly enjoyable story. And this was no exception. I wondered how they were going to handle having an Avengers team since they already have the Ultimates. But now we know. I can't wait to see these guys in action. This issue was also fantastically illustrated by Leinel Francis Yu. I know this series just started, but . . I want more!

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