Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nemesis #1 - Marvel / Icon

As with the World War Hulks book, this is another one that I picked up for 99 cents. I was definitely interested in this book when I saw it at the shop, but . . I just simply can't buy everything that catches my eye. If I did that . . I'd be broke . . and broke up! But for 99 cents? I just couldn't resist. I definitely wanted to see what Mark Millar and Steve McNiven were up to with this one. So I took the opportunity. With all the hype of Kick-Ass!, both the book and the movie . . this is definitely a highly anticipated title. Since it's the first issue, and we're coming into it cold . . this one is set up to introduce us to the chief characters. Obviously Nemesis is the star of the book, but . . I think that this Chief of Police in Washington DC, Chief Blake Morrow. Basically, this Nemesis character has been going around the globe using these elaborate schemes and theatrics to take out various members of law-enforcement. He makes a comment at one time about making up for a 'robbed childhood'. But I think Chief Morrow is his real target. I think that everything else has been warm-up and practice. I also think that he and the Chief know each other. Although, I'm not sure how yet. The Chief does make a comment about how he's on his way to play Baccarat with one of his distinguished friends, Mr Anderson. And Nemesis makes the comment, when he shows up on TV trying to draw the Chief out . . after he's captured the President . . 'The Black Sheep of the Anderson family has returned to burn these idiots who believe that you protect them.' So . . I'm thinking that he's the Chief's friend's son . . maybe? I'm sure we'll be digging more into their relationship in the coming issues. But overall . . I have to say, I really liked the first issue. I thought it did a good job of opening up the story for us, and setting up the play-ground for the games to come. My only real complaint is that it seems like all of Mark's stories now are written as if they're being set up for a screen-play. The beginning of this issue reminded me an awful lot of the final scenes in Fight Club. You know, where he's bringing down the financial district of Wall Street. But . . maybe that's just me. And . . who can blame the guy for trying to make the most of his work? This book definitely left us wanting more. So barring lucking into another cheap deal on E-Bay, it looks like I'll be picking issue #2 up at the shop. By the way . . don't compare this to Kick-Ass!. It's completely different.

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