Friday, April 30, 2010

Justice League: the Rise of Arsenal #2 - DC

I really feel sorry for Roy. Not only did he have to live through the recent experiences and loses in his life, but now . . now he's dreaming about them on regular basis also. And he seems to be getting closer and closer to stepping over that precipice with the drugs again. I assume he's doing some pain-killers right now. Which is understandable, but . . he's starting to abuse them, also. I could totally see his point when he's going off on Ollie. 'Getting back at Prometheus was the only thing I had left anymore. He took my arm. He took Lian. But you took my revenge from me, Ollie.' Some might think he was a little rough on Ollie, but . . I think Ollie needed to hear it. I think somewhere along the line, someone needs to stop and ask Roy what he wants. Rather than everybody trying to 'fix' him and 'help' him, they need to take a step back . . talk to Roy, letting him vent, and just listen. Let him work through his emotions. Let him work through his feelings. And let him get to the core of what it is he wants, or where he wants to go from here. Everybody can prod him, and poke him, and push him all they want. But there's not going to be a change made . . or a course set in motion, unless Roy decides to do it. It has to be his idea, and his desire. Hell, he's trying out the new arm that Vic made for him and he's getting mad because he doesn't seem to have the same natural ability that he once had with it. But he doesn't even pay attention, when he throws a piece of the bow, after he breaks it, and it's a bulls-eye. I'm thinking that he needs to quit trying to follow in Ollie's footsteps and go back to being Arsenal again. A man that can use any sharp object as a deadly weapon. But first he has to stop wallowing in all of this self-pity and let somebody in. He's surrounded by about a hundred friends, family or team-mates, but . . he's never felt more alone in his whole life. Really, the only time I felt sorry for someone other than Roy was when he was going off on Mia. He also gets a visit from Cheshire this issue, who's pissed. She's mad at Roy because he was supposed to take care of their daughter. 'What're you going to do . . cry about your arm? Your going to lose much more than your arm. Much more!' I thought JT Krul wrote a very raw, emotional story here. And Geraldo Borges' art was great. If you aren't reading this one, you'll definitely want to check out the TPB when it comes out. This should be a great story.

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