Friday, April 30, 2010

Outsiders #29 - DC

This issue is a little bit of a respite from the previous story-line. It's not over yet, but . . because of the War of the Supermen storyline, this book is taking a bit of a break this month and next. It'll return with issue #30 in June. Anyways, we catch back up with Looker this month. We see the world of excess and glamour that she lives in. And she the target of an assassination attempt by the Clan. That's the hit-man on the cover. He's a Vampire himself. Anyways, obviously he fails, but in the process he does drag Looker's ex-husband, Gregg, into his schemes. This only serves to infuriate Looker as it reminds her of what she once was. And for some reason, she decides that the best way to deal with this is to book a flight to Markovia. Anyways, this story revolves around Looker's foray into the fashion world. Originally she was supposed to give a designer, Harold Winer, a break by starring in his show. But, she backs out at the last moment. Leaving him shattered and broken. However, at the end, while drowning his sorrows at a bar, he's approached by a shadowy figure. Well . . he actually comes in the 'light', but all we see are his hands. And the weapon that he hands to Harold. 'I am Veritas, and once you take this Horn, you will be my herald. And with it, you will have the power to change the world.' I'm not sure what that's all about, but . . I guess we'll find out in a couple of months. Also in this issue, before Roy leaves the country with Jefferson and Rex, we see that the feelings between Tatsu and he have heated up a little bit. Much to Roy's surprise. He still leaves, but . .'I wonder if this is how Bat's felt every time Catwoman left the room?' Dan Didio does a good job with this story. When we come back in June we'll be picking up after the War of the Supermen, and figuring out where the allegiances of Markovia's government lie in that dispute . . and why. Dan will still be writing it. But while Don Kramer and Philip Tan did the art for this issue . . the future of the series will be presented by Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion. Everything with this team is in disarray right now. Hopefully, when we return . . Dan will begin putting things back together. Whether or not the team stays the same remains to be seen. But this team has been through many incarnations. Hopefully this change will just be another step in the ladder.

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