Friday, April 30, 2010

Wolverine Origins #47 - Marvel

Well . . Logan's plan involving Romulus is starting to gain momentum and is coming together. At the end of last issue Logan stabbed Daken with the Muramasa blade. Or . . so it looked. It was really all just a ruse to draw Romulus out into the open. Romulus wants a battle between the 3 of them, to see who has the right to lead what he's built over the years. But with Logan taking Daken out of the picture, that changes Romulus' plans. So anyways, when Romulus shows himself then Skaar is supposed to grab him. However, suspecting who Logan has involved in his schemes, Romulus had already gone to Skaar to try to appeal to his Oedipus nature. It appears to have worked, but . . he also underestimated Skaar's intelligence and resolve. I don't know that Skaar necessarily who comes out on top of this conflict, but . . I think in the end, he trusts Logan more than he does Romulus. Which is saying alot because he doesn't really trust either of them. But the surprise comes when we find out that Daken's death was all just part of Logan's plan. That really wasn't a surprise, but then Daken tells Romulus most of Logan's plan and that he's decided to help Romulus. Which, I guess, really isn't that much of a surprise. Logan had to have expected some kind of betrayal from Daken like this. But, I think again, Daken doesn't really care who comes out on top. He just wants to be on the winning side . . the side left standing. So as he's betrayed Logan, I fully expect him to betray Romulus in the near future. It's just his nature. He's like a cockroach . . doing whatever it takes to survive. Even as homicidal and psychopathic as Daken's character is . . I've kind of liked him. I thought he was a nice change. But right now . . after this, I really don't care for his character anymore. There's 3 issues to go until this storyline is wrapped up. A lot could happen between now and then, and I'm sure it will. I don't even want to guess what will happen because I'm sure there's some twists and turns in store for us that we haven't expected. I think Daniel Way has done a great job with this series, all the way from issue #1. I really like the approach that he's taken to this book. This issue's art was done by Will Conrad. With an amazing cover by Simone Bianchi.

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