Friday, April 30, 2010

Justice Society of America #38 - DC

This storyline, Fatherland, still has one more chapter to it, so this issue is spent showing us how some of the other heroes were beaten. Bill Willingham gives us a lot of neat ideas in this story. It's set 20 years in the future, and the remaining heroes are trying to launch a plan to set things right. Even to the point of sacrificing themselves because they know that if they can get the time-line back to where it's supposed to be, then all will be alright . . and their sacrifices will be redeemed. But they have to launch their plan now because the Fuhrer has arrived for a special execution . . the Batman. It's funny actually because the Joker asks to be executed with him. Their lives have been so intertwined throughout the years that I guess he just couldn't stand the thought of the Batman passing on without him. As it turns out the Fuhrer is a much older Kid Karnevil. 'The other contenders didn't quite have the resolve or guts to hold the office for long. I know it for a fact, since I personally spilled most of those guts.' Anyways, Jaime, the Blue Beetle, sacrifices himself this issue by creating a fight between himself and Michael. Michael has put himself in the position of a traitor. But he does this so that he can work out a plan from the inside. But I'm sure it's all a diversion. I guess we'll find out next issue what the big plan is. I've enjoyed Bill Willingham's writing since he's taken over this book. I also think that Jesus Merino is doing a terrific job with the art. I think this story is interesting. I'm just having a hard time getting in to it. But . . I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it all pays off next issue.

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