Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doom Patrol #9 - DC

So . . last issue, Oberon showed up at Oolong Island bearing gifts. Sort of. Basically he was moving all of the effects out of Dayton's mansion and bringing them all to the Chief. I would guess. Anyways, since he really wasn't aware of the unnatural forces that he was dealing with . . he made some mistakes. One of which was uprooting Danny the Street. So a trans-dimensional reclamation team has also shown up on the Island to reclaim the stuff, which includes Danny. However, Danny the Street has now become Danny the Brick because he was trying to avoid the reclamation team's clutches. As per usual, the Doom Patrol has become involved and escalated the dispute way past any sense of normalcy. But the way Keith Giffen resolves everything . . well, I just thought it was brilliant. Basically, whatever inter-dimensional agency that runs this reclamation team has decided that the costs of pursuing and retrieving the missing item are beginning to far outweigh any rewards that may have come from the items possession. In other words . . it was more cost effective for them to take what they had and leave, than to stick around and continuing their dispute. I thought that was fantastic. Can you imagine Lex Luthor fighting Superman, and in the middle he stops and says . . 'You know . . this is costing an awful lot of time and money for a negligible reward. It doesn't make sense anymore. See you later!' I think Keith is the perfect writer for this book. He's got the same type of imaginative spirit that works so well for Grant Morrison. Plus . . I love his humor. Matthew Clark is doing the art, and I think he's also brought a great feel to this book. Hopefully they'll stay on board and this book will have one of it's longest runs yet. There's been a lot of false starts lately. I'd like to see this one last.

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