Sunday, April 18, 2010

Booster Gold #31 - DC

This one is a little bittersweet as it's the final issue by Dan Jurgens. Geoff Johns originally wrote this book, with Dan taking over later on the scripts. But he's been drawing it for the whole run. Plus this character was actually created by Dan, back in the 80's. Dan kind of uses this issue to wrap things up. At least from his point of view. It starts out with Booster stopping a gang that's been causing a rash of robberies in Metropolis lately. It's the normal beat down from the frustrated super-hero sort of thing. But the part that I liked was . . as Booster is chasing down the final member of the gang, he gets shot. Of course it doesn't hurt him, because of his protective field. But it does ricochet and kill a little girl's dog. Booster feels worse about that than anything else. It's just something to add to his long list of what he perceives as recent failures. So, after talking to Rip, Michael finally decides to talk to Michelle about what happened to them in Coast City. He doesn't want there to be one more thing hanging over his head. Michelle knows that it wasn't actually Michael's fault, but . . that doesn't stop it from hurting any less. She was originally going to leave, but in the end she decides to stick around because she realizes that Michael is the only family she's got. As a little gift, Rip takes Michael back to the beginning of the day, and they go to the park to save the dog. 'There are very small, isolated, generally inconsequential things we can alter.' Now . . next issue, JM DeMatteis and Keith Giffen take over on the scripts. With Chris Batista doing the art. And they're jumping in just in time for a major story-line . . the Return of Bruce Wayne. And another time-travel title is coming out soon . . Time Masters. Also Booster will be involved in this summers mini-series . . JLI: Generation Lost. So there's plenty of Booster coming out. We're just losing Dan. But hopefully he'll pick up another series someplace. I think the guys a great talent. Thanks for all the great stories!

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