Saturday, May 29, 2010

Zatanna #1 - DC

This is another beautiful cover by Stephane Roux . . which she has done many for DC. But, I have to say, I was a little disappointed in the interior art. It looked ok, and had a few bright moments. But after seeing some of her covers, I really expected something along the lines of Adam Hughes or Greg Land. Maybe they just didn't use that style for the interiors. Or maybe they just need another inker. Nothing against Karl Story. He seems to be very adept at his craft, but . . sometimes the penciller and inker's styles just don't mesh all that well. I don't really know if that's the case or not, but . . I think Stephane is hugely talented. And her art could be presented a lot better. But that's just my opinion. And . . it is only the first issue. Anyways, Zatanna is asked to help a San Francisco Police Detective with a rather bizarre case. They've come across what appears to be a mob-hit, taking out some of the larger heads of the San Francisco underworld. The problem is . . these people are ripped apart, and turned into various farm animals. Luckily there's a survivor, and witness . . a waiter. Zatanna uses her powers to see his memories, where she discovers that the culprit is . . 'In the late 60's, he was known as Eldon Peck, a fake hippie mystic who discovered a darker way to power by trafficking in human souls. In return, he got extended life and command of some seriously nasty mojo. These days he calls himself Brother Night.' And he's got a rather strange crew working for him also . . Romalthi the Shaper, Ember and Teddy. Teddy looks like a 6 year old boy, but . . he's a nasty piece of work. It seems he's in control of the magical underworld in San Francisco, but he's decided that he wants control of the material world also. He uses magic on the 'hit' to send a message. Zatanna is going to visit him, but before she does she turns all the victims back to normal. In essence destroying his message. When she goes down to see him . . I assume that he inhabits some form of nether-realm . . she doesn't make much progress, but she does put him on notice. 'You want to lord your power over this trash, that's your business. You set foot into the human world again, I'll stop you in a way you won't like.' I don't think she hurts or harms anybody, but . . she does leave Brother Nights little den in shambles after she sets off a mystic explosion. He then goes to get some help from another little demon . . Fuseli. I thought it was an interesting first issue. Paul Dini laid the groundwork for the story to come. The only problem I have with Zatanna, as a character, is that she's always seemed kind of 'above', or 'beyond' everyone else. Yes she's a team player, and has always been there when called, but . . I don't know . . it's just always seemed to me that there's just something a little bit off. I am looking forward though to exploring her character more in these issues. Maybe she just hasn't had enough exposure . . to really define her. Hopefully that'll change here. She's got a ton of potential, and has been around for quite a while . . about 46 years. It's funny . . in all that time . . we really don't know all that much about her.

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