Monday, May 31, 2010

Superman: War of the Supermen #4 - DC

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, and series. I think Sterling Gates and James Robinson did a great job with the story. And the art, this issue, was shared by Eddy Barrows, Cafu and Eduardo Pansica. I thought they did a great job of showing the extreme emotions that both sides of this conflict felt. They both felt that they were right. Obviously Zod used the events to his advantage . . and to excite fervor. But at his core, I think he really did want to protect his people. He's just blinded by the rage and hatred he has for Superman and the El family. In the end though, there's really only one solution that's possible. They have to put these guys somewhere where they can't hurt anybody, and won't be a threat to Earth anymore. And that's where, to me . . the only snag in the story comes along. Connor and Krypto retrieve the Phantom Zone projector and start putting the Kandorians into it . . one by one. I know that the Phantom Zone was recreated, thanks to Nightwing . . not Chris, but the actual Nightwing. But when Veep sent Mon-El there in Adventure Comics #11, he said that it was shut off to the 21st century, and only he could access it. So how does this become a solution, if they aren't supposed to be able to do it? Hmm! Anyways, while Superman is fighting Zod, Supergirl is fighting Ursa. And Natasha, John Henry, the Guardian, Jimmy Olsen, Connor and Krypto are going around and systematically destroying all of General Lane's bases. When they come to the final base, where the General is protected by Superwoman, Atlas, Codename: Assassin, and others . . they seen to take them down rather easily. This is also where the General brought his daughter, Lois, when he captured her. In he defeat he decides to take his own life . . right in front of her. Anyways, when Connor and Superman put Zod back into the Zone . . the last of the Kandorians, Superman offers to stay in the Zone while Connor destroys the projector. Which they do. But then Chris, who is also in the Zone, uses the last of Nightwing's powers to open a doorway to save his adopted father. He's going to be their jailer. We also see later that he finds Mon-El, and they begin to form a friendship. Also . . he's back to being a young boy again. So, while the war is over, everybody has suffered incredible loss. The loss has been great on both sides, and no one can really claim themselves the victor. Overall I thought it was a great series. And it ended the way that all wars do . . with everyone losing for having been involved.

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