Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #630 - Marvel

There's just something about Chris Bachalo's art that makes a book fun to read. Especially in the beginning of this issue when Spider-man is out fighting some crime with Black Cat, and . . flirting at the same time. I think Peter really likes her, but . . she's made it known in no uncertain terms . . 'You're cute, Spider. But this is big boy talk, we're not a couple. If something better comes along, don't let us get in the way. Believe me . . I don't.' But . . Peter has to remember, if he really wants a girl . . he has to fight for her a bit . . show her that he cares . . show her some of his passion. Anyways, while this story revolves around the state of mind of Curt Connors, we actually see a lot of the Spidey supporting cast this issue. Peter has a heart to heart with Harry. He gets dissed by Aunt May. 'That's a whole other thing . . which might involve hormones.' But remember . . she's still under the influence of Mr Negative. And he kind of has a date with Carlie . . finally. Meanwhile, we see that Madame Web is still keeping an eye on things. Even though she still a hostage of the Kravens. And they are still trying to 'manipulate the players on the board'. But what really sets Curt over the edge is the overtures his boss, Mr King, makes towards his lab assistant Marissa. Curt doesn't necessarily feel attracted to Marissa, but . . the result of Mr King making a move is that it's left Curt feeling like his 'territory' is being invaded. He's starts having reptilian kinds of thoughts and reactions. And when he tries to get the serum to abate the process . . Mr King thinks he's going for his formula and stops him. Much to his regret . . later . . after the Lizard has torn him apart. I thought Zeb Wells did a great job with this issue. We got the story about Curt, but . . we finally get some more info on the rest of the characters of this little soap-opera. It's about time. And like I said . . Chris' art just made it a fun read. This was the best issue of this series in a while . . for me. I can't wait to read part 2.

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