Monday, May 31, 2010

Wolverine Weapon X #13 - Marvel

To me . . this story has a type of Terminator feel to it. Basically we've got these Deathloks that have come back from the future and they have a list of people that they've been sent to kill. 20 some years in the future. We don't know why, or how these deaths will affect things. From our limited views of the future, all we really know is that this has something to do with Roxxon. Anyways, there's some 'heroes' on the list, like Cap, Bucky and Logan, but for the most part they're all just normal people. Except for the one woman that's pregnant. But there's also a woman, Miranda Bayer, that is somehow connected to these events. In the future she's one of the soldiers that is actively fighting the Deathloks. But in the present she's been getting visions of the people in that time that are important to her. Or important to the chain of events. So she's been helping the 'heroes' get the people the Deathloks are targeting to safety. Also there's one more guy in this mix. A Dr Heimerdinger. Apparently he was commissioned by Norman Osborn, when he was in charge, to try to figure out ways to animate the corpses of dead soldiers. He had some limited success, but his trials weren't moving fast enough for Osborn. So he was let go. Now he's been relegated to a waste facility for road-kill, and he's been doing his experiments on animals. Anyways, Logan takes out one of the Deathloks by removing it's head and brings it to the Dr to try to figure out how to disarm it, or at least turn it off. But, while the Dr recognizes his work, he's amazed at how much more advanced this system is than what he's so far designed. But it's all moot as the Deathlok's corpse reanimates and then kills the Dr. When they all regroup, they decide that Miranda is now their key target. But the Deathlok that comes after her seems to be a synthesis of some sort. It now has Tony's repulsor technology, and . . it's also got laser claws like the Weapon X soldiers that Logan fought. So now I'm thinking, is this connected to those Blackguard soldiers from the first story-arc? They were created by Roxxon with stolen Weapon X plans. Maybe these guys are like the next evolution of that. Well . . 20 years evolved. I like what Jason Aaron is doing with this story here. But it really does feel like a Terminator episode to me. Ron Garney and Morry Hollowell do the art. I thought there were a lot of Wolverine books out there, but . . with Wolverine Origins coming to an end . . this one should be more in the spotlight.

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