Monday, May 31, 2010

Justice League: the Rise of Arsenal #3 - DC

I really enjoy reading about the ups & downs that JT Krul is taking Roy through here. Last issue ended with him facing off against Cheshire . . Jade. Obviously she's a villain, but Roy's always had an odd relationship with her. They did have Lian together, afterall. Which is why she's here . . she wants to punish Roy. But after they trade jabs and banter, I think she realizes that Roy did everything he could for her. He was a good father. Lian was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus, I think Jade realizes that she's probably just as much to blame. It's not like she was any kind of mother to Lian. And, as usual, they end up in the sack . . consoling one another. Afterwards, Roy hits the streets with a vengeance. But when he busts up a deal going down in an alley . . instead of taking the dealer in . . 'I'm looking to score. Got any China Cat? Heroin. I'll take it. I'll take it all.' We then see him going through the usual fever dreams, until Dick and Dinah show up to force him into rehab. Well . . sort of. They put him in Virgil House. They specialize in convicted villains with substance abuse. They figure it's the best place for him right now. The problem is . . before he was talking to Corey . . the ghost of an old user he used to hang with. Now? Now he seems to be talking to the ghost of Lian. They're only visions, but . . he could treat Corey bad and tell him to shut-up. How's he going to bring himself to do that with Lian? Next issue is the final of this series, so . . it should be an emotional roller-coaster. I really think JT is doing a good job here. The art is provided by Geraldo Borges, Kevin Sharpe and Sergio Arino. Also, beautiful cover by Greg Horn. This series is definitely a classic in the making. And, I think . . the redefining of Roy as a hero. He can't be in Ollie's shadow anymore. He needs to be his own person. For himself, and for those around him.

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