Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smallville - Hostage - Season 9 Episode 20 - CW

This was a rather revealing episode . . just before the season finale. Speaking of which . . we have one episode to go this year, and already they're announcing that next season, season 10, will be starting on Sept. 24th, and . . it's scheduled to be the final season. I haven't heard yet if there's going to be a spin-off, or new series. I'll relay any information that I find. But the one thing I have seen is the preview trailer, and in it . . Clark opens a present that looks to contain his new costume. We don't know for sure, but we see the flash of blue & red in his eyes. Anyways, this episode, everyone is looking for the book of Rao. It's the Kryptonian bible, and it's said to contain immeasurable power. The last time Clark saw it was when he saw Chloe hide it in the farm house. But when they're looking for it, it's no where to be found. Shortly after, Martha returns home with Perry White attached to her arm. It seems there's something romantic abrew. Anyways, Lois is thrilled to see Perry, and after exchanging a few hints, they find out that they're both actually onto the same story . . also looking for the book of Rao. And they know that somehow the Red Queen . . the mysterious figure that's been giving Checkmate such fits, has something to do with it. We don't see the Red Queen . . not right away, but she's got Maxwell Lord doing a little psychic manipulation on her to try to figure out where she may have the book hidden. But he overplays his hand when, in her vision, he has Ollie declare his love for her. And once she realizes that she's being played, it's pretty easy for her to slip his grip. But even her escape was a manipulation, as the Red Queen knew that if she did indeed have the book, she would most likely head straight to it to ensure it's safety. Anyways, long story short on all of this . . it turns out that the Red Queen is actually . . Martha Kent. While in Washington, Martha starting hearing chatter about Checkmate and what they were after. She knew that if she was going to protect Clark that she'd have to find a way to manipulate Checkmate and stay one step ahead of them . . misdirection and slight of hand. So she was doing all of this to try to throw them off of Clark's trail, as well as his fellow adventurers. So now Clark has the book of Rao. The question is . . is he going to use it to get Zod and the other Kryptonians off Earth . . or is he going to do something different? Apparently if he uses the book to banish them, then he banishes all Kryptonians. Including himself. I still see the Phantom Zone as the only way out of this, but . . we'll have to wait until the next episode to find out exactly what'll happen. I can't believe this season is almost over. Man, that went fast.

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